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Friday, December 19, 2008

I ain't no rabbit!

They don’t call it the silly season for nothing. Eagles look like they have taken off with a few more chickens – or should I say roosters. Yesterday we had about seven now we have two. Another duck is showing signs of a lucky escape as well.

So the chooks are staying couped up for now. We’ve had more rain, about 12mm over the past couple of days, which is good. It’s off for more feed today – highlight of my week.

Of course it’s also last day of school, kids are looking forward to that! Little do they know – lots of jobs have been organised for the rest of the year. We’ve had kangaroos in the garden, the dog does her best, but she tires easily and after a couple of goes at chasing them off chooses to ignore them.

The garden is going gang busters – but the rain has caused a few things to go to seed. However; there is enough moisture in the soil now to get us through until early January.

There seems to be a lot of talk around at the moment about a growing rabbit plague. We are certainly seeing the signs of an increase in the number of rabbits around the house, I’ll have to take a walk on Saturday and see if it’s happening else where.


Lindsay said...

Do you get a plague of toads? My brother who lives near Frankston often tells me about them.

Lynettes blogs said...

Well the silly season is almost upon us. Seafood at Iris yesterday.
Would luv some bunnies I could cook up a storm.
Have a great Xmas
luv to the cook and boys