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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Cooks Chooks

The Cook has decided to start a Chook breeding program for Plymouth Rocks.  We already had a Rooster and after some hunting around she managed to get a couple of hens.  However the Plymouth Rock is one of those chickens that is a good layer and great eating bird - but a lousy mother. 

So I managed to borrow a couple or three hens from friends and was given some fertile eggs from another friend who had recently bought a couple of hens that were running with a rooster, but had wormed them and didn't want to eat the eggs - sigh!

The Black ones are Plymouth Rocks
 Anyway, The Cook had troubles with the incubator and had thought that the eggs wouldn't hatch , but come Sunday evening chirping sounds emanated from the incubator and we now have 9 Plymouth rock chicks - maybe more when we get home.  She put a dozen eggs in and getting nine to hatch is pretty good for us.

In response to our current snake problem Old Nev sent us one of those Snake Repellers, they work on sonic waves and deter the snake from coming to close - Thanks Dad, we'll let you know how well it works.  We'll put it in the garden first as that's the place we see the most, and The Cook spends most her time.

Yesterday we received a package from the Diggers Club, The Cook had put in a combined order with another friend, thanks Annette, for some seeds and plants.  So we spent an hour in the pouring rain last night planting things.

Speaking of rain we've been getting some, Spring rain is great!  However alot of farmers are concerned that we didn't get any winter rain and that will affect the pasture growth later on in the year - we'll see how it goes.

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