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Friday, January 28, 2011


We are having a farm planning workshop with the NSF in a couple of weeks so we’ve started getting busy readying for this. If your reading this and interested in attending send me an email via the blog.

The aim of the workshop is to introduce people to the ideas about blending NSF with other alternates farming principles like permaculture and biodynamics. The topics we will addressing include;

1. Healthy landscape,

2. Healthy soil,

3. Sustainable production,

4. Drought proofing.

5. Food security

It’s taken me a while to discover the links between all these things, about how NSF, Permaculture, biodynamics and methods like pasture cropping are key to establishing a sustainable farming enterprise. And sustainability is the goal – in any type of season, which means all inputs have to be from on farm, non chemical and non petroleum based.

The map shows the area we will concentrate on for the project, after the workshop we will further cut it down into phases.
And why do we feel it’s important to create a sustainable farming enterprise, go here and read this - go here!


Em said...

Ooooh me me me! Even though we are ages off getting our own land I am still desperate to learn as much as possible, plus we havent seen you in ages! :)

Old Nev said...

See your mate got an OAM in the Australia Day Awards.
You would be proud of my self-sustainable bio-dynamic fertilizing programme. I have just slashed about ten acres of rain nourished pasture grass and have about fifty tons of drying, rotting grass laying on the ground...rake it up says Di!

Valley View said...

I'll put you on my list Em.

Em said...

Awesome :) Thanks

Em said...

Well, bad timing, I cant come now :( My folks are down this weekend from Sydney. Hope you have a great day though :)

Tris said...


Is it too late to register our interest in attending the farm planning day? We've had no internet for the past two weeks and missed the post! My name is Tristan and I'm a Cooma boy, recently moved back to Canberra from Sydney and keen to get back out on the land. My fiancee Jessica is also very interested! My email is Let me know. Cheers, Tris