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Monday, February 15, 2010

It just keeps coming

Monday Afternoon

Monday Morning

An old man in Cooma told me before Chritmas that the drought would break before ANZAC Day - and he's probably not going to be far from wrong. We've had 120mm plus a littel and Cooma has had anither 25mm today, not sure what we've had yet. It's the first weekend we've been rained in for ages which was really nice.
It was the Cooks birthday as well, another wrinkle added to the collection - Happy Birthday sweetheart xox....
If it gets any wetter the pigs will need life jackets, the horses boyancy vests and George floaties. It hasn't been this green for months, the Cooks garden and the lawn are both jungles and I'm guessing the back dam is now full - but I'll check that this afternoon. The river is running bank to bank and is at it's highest for two years, luckily all the rises have been gradual and our fence around our water hole is still there - as far as I can tell.
Mrs Duck has our new Drake so I need to organise a time to pick it up. EM picking up yours shouldn't be a problem - just got to get organised, I'll talk to you soon.

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