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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Flat on her A@$&*

Well, I spent all of Sunday improving the pig fences in prepartion for the next flood of piglets. I doubled the number of steel posts, strained all the wires and tied down everything. Unfortunately for the Cook some of the fences are a little further off the ground then before - add the fact that the fence is running off of mains power now also and it has a pretty good zap factor - as the Cook found out. She tried to climb over one today and made contact withthe inside of her leg. She ended up seeing stars and clouds, flat on her back it put her. Of course I didn't do anything to help laughing until I cried, snorted, had stuff running out of my nose and nearly choking - and that was all before she got her hands around my throat.
She's not the only one, poor Penny has had a couple of zaps with her tail as well. Shadow walks around with her tail down always now.

And keeping with tradition of Christmas litters, we have a bundle of new piglets arrived today - I think we are up to 18, bacon supply is safe for next Christmas.....


Em said...

Ouch! Poor Cook! Hope she is feeling ok now. BTW, I have finished both books so come by whenever you are in town to grab them :)

And go check out my blog for our news!

Valley View said...

I can't see anything new - since 27 Dec.

swallowtail said...

oh ouch.

I am surprised that you are still able to type.

Old Nev said...

They say you're not a real farmer until you have been zapped by an electric fence seven times. Or is that something else?