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Monday, October 12, 2009

Back again

It’s been a while – I’ve got no excuses life has just kept us rather busy. We’ve had a lot happening – it has rained quite bit nearly every day without the drying winds’.

I won’t try and catch up right now, I’ll leave that for later. The important things first; a big thank you to Mrs Duck Herder for an incubator full of lovely duck eggs, they’re in and rotating and hopefully in a couple of weeks we’ll clutch of very special ducklings. She also gave us a load of Onion and Leek seedlings which have been planted. And sorry for busting in so late Mrs DH – I’ll try harder next time to arrive at a decent hour...

We’ve also picked up our first batch of natives for planting in the upper reach of our gully. The fencing has started in earnest and hopefully in the next three weeks the planting areas should be stock proof. If anybody has a spare couple of days of sunlight they could spare let me know.

We’ve had more snow as well, last week on Wednesday it snowed all the way down highway to Michelago. I was taking the kids to a first aide course in Canberra – I nearly turned around and had a snow day it was so heavy.
The River is high but the water is crystal clear, the rain has been enough to cause runoff but not a lot of silt. Up early in the morning to collect another load of bread, then back home for a little more fencing, some tree planting and if it’s fine a little weed spraying.

Still more to come - Bee and NSF meetings, weeds, piglets and all sorts of things. I need to sort out my pictures - they're all to large to upload, I need to get photoshop.....


Lynettes blogs said...

welcome back we both missed you
Things seem to be going well for you
busy, busy busy

Em said...

Gorgeous photo there! And wasnt the snow great? I felt like such a kid hehe.

Let me know if you want us to come give you a hand with the tree planting or fences. I am working all week, not sure about next week and next couple of weekends are booked, but Troy is still unemployed :P

Re the picture sizes, download xnview. It is free and easy to use for the basics like cropping, resizing etc. It is what I use for my blog photos.

Valley View said...

great - thanks Em I'll give it a go.